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As you know roat pkz became my biggest addiction lately when i couldn't hold to my word that i quitted before and for many times i couldnt do it because i always keep ending up to feed up my addicton and it's really not that big of a addiction that really benefits me so its not needed ever in my life i just tried the best to overcome it and im still gonna make it because its taking alot of my time and energy on something i really dont belong to anymore, its been like 12 years + playing rsps and mostly this shitty game that i cant even leave but this has to come to an end and im making my farewell to you guys this day this day is going to be the last day i ever login back into roat pkz , sorry to let you down and i didnt keep up to all my promises but this is over i can say we had a lot of fun and sometimes im appreciative to the server but this journey is over and i cant be extending it anymore because i cant be happy staying here for one more minute and im really gonna be excited to see who's reacting on my posts and who is commenting, i really am gonna miss those but fuck ladies im gonna miss u all guys foreal i just am gonna quit and hopefully ill never come back because this cant take up space anymore + im doing giveaways this hour till my bank is empty, every thing i worked hard for and gained, lost, got up, kept going will be all given to u guys and my soul mates ❤️ u all deserve it and im just gonna push my best irl so i can get where i wanna , pce guys and love yall ❤️ hope u can remember me ❤️

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