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    meet me at totty station bruv
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    What do you think of this toxic group of ex players, called "Meridian"? Personally, can't stand them, they think they own the place or something?
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    Very toxic group of individuals, heard they moved on to bigger and better things though
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    CONQUEST has since 2014 been a 'close-friend circle' team. As we mostly have only played the 614 revision, other clans are not aware of us. We've realized that teams/clans tend to be a lot bigger (member count) than on any 614 and thus decided to recruit players for a limited time. If you encounter us, we will act the way you act towards us. We don't sweat our asses off in the clan community, since we've got a life to live. All we will do on RoatPKz is take the #1 spot. The clan community doesn't need the current toxicity. Let's be friendly to eachother and have fun wars. CONQUEST is coordinated, joining discord is a MUST, we host giveaways and internal fights with rewards. Anyone is able to join our public discord and join these events and giveaways. Anyone wanting to join the upcoming clan, join our discord and message a ranked member. https://discord.gg/esKzh2A FOUNDER Antirag/Conquez Antitank General Tissue Box Captain 6THAN Atef
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    Surprised you're replying on your account and not Nicks.
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    oh ffs not these cunts again
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    bangin price
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