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    corona is comming
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    use ardy cloak 4 - best stab bonus
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    gretars wallet says ok
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    If you're too stupid not to check TWO windows then to be honest, you're the problem. This has been a debate for years, scamming at duel arena is more relaxed than it used to be. Every 2nd report was a d/a scam. I'd be flooded with PM's when logging in... Now you havethe opportunity to very clearly see which rules are checked on two windows. It's not hard. I don't agree with any of your suggestions.
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    • Flim Flom  »  Fantastic

      Rickocet1 is using alts to harass/rag me in-game.
      I made a report thread and they (you) said it has been dealt with.
      It hasn't.
      I can't play the game.
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    • Fantastic

      On da grind 💯
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    • zite

      Zite #1 PKER ALIVE
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