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  1. It's a pking server, minor flaming happens. Obviously if it gets excessive punishments can take place.
  2. If you're too stupid not to check TWO windows then to be honest, you're the problem. This has been a debate for years, scamming at duel arena is more relaxed than it used to be. Every 2nd report was a d/a scam. I'd be flooded with PM's when logging in... Now you havethe opportunity to very clearly see which rules are checked on two windows. It's not hard. I don't agree with any of your suggestions.
  3. Zoradz


    also ignore pm's of players reporting ur friends. Also, big one have huge afk hours like fruitiest
  4. Zoradz


    If you message @Smackd and ask how his pepsi addiction is going you'll get ss dw
  5. Zoradz

    Time Is Over

    No one ever quits roat cya tomorrow
  6. Good update G See above, don't listen to the whingers.
  7. Never heard of it. Welcome aboard
  8. There are other factors to this, other than 'skilling/pvm'. I can name several servers (not including roat) that have eco/skilling and an active wilderness. It's about balance. Gretar has done quite well with it recently. Again, see above. It's about balance - Those that don't want to raid, won't. There is an obvious demand for it, Is it enough to warrant adding it into game? I'm not sure. Gretar will be the judge of that. It works for some, it doesn't work for others.
  9. That's daddy radz 2 u How's it going not Jason
  10. Hello fellow kangaroo man ill reply 2 ur messages
  11. Remember when @Yoobs & I suggested this exact way to implement skilling? 3 years later Nice updates
  12. Rat

    1. Smackd


      wag1 aussie come back 

    2. JBLIND


      I support your decision 

    3. Gym Life

      Gym Life

      stfu rat @zoradz the rat

  13. I gave you a very fair way out of cleaning your eco that wouldn’t cost you a cent, clean up your community and make you money at the same time, yet you decide to spend money instead. Good business move...
  14. Didn't Viva Madrid get banned for rwt? Did he pay you to get un mac banned? Nice updates tho, I'm sure they'll entice your donators to donate more.
  15. Not necessarily - It'll still be many years before Java is no longer used, however I always recommend people to learn C++, C & or Python along side.
  16. Well considering they're both 1/937...
  17. I would have to shoot myself if i called it an interest.
  18. Roatpkz meets osbuddy Would've thought this would be implemented when pets were released. Nah Kinda pointless, but I guess some would want it.
  19. Yeah, Denmark has one of the highest tax burdens in the world. I guess you should move away from Denmark then... 200k+ salary is not hard to come by in most western worlds. Even without a degree.
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