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    Because easter event isn't live yet bro
  2. I doubt the qualities of @goat as a staffmember. Don't get me wrong, he's a sweet guy but isn't up to date with the trends and developments in the desires and expectations of the Runescape Private Server community nowadays. A good example is the suggestion I gave him as a fellow player of RoatPkz. A piece of inspirational content that stimulates the sensens of a large amount of people. It would also attract 10/10 players from competition. I've placed a screenshot below. 😡 Can you still do this plz @Gretar ly 7bebe @goat
  3. Nothing against botting, but in a sence gambling outside the game with in-game wealth is rwt Nothing against botting, but in a sence gambling outside the game with in-game wealth is rwt Would be pretty cool if there were hosted some events now and then where people can participate for an x-amount of pkp and with prize pools. Examples can be Fortnite tournies etc. to strengthen the community.
  4. Think thats rwt tbh. If it would be allowed it would be stupid easy to rwt under the name of fortnite betting. 😂
  5. Have you tried different versions mate? https://roatpkz.com/download/
  6. I think the thing he's doing is an on-going discussion but the tbing at 44s is an example that doesn't really say anything since you can spellbook swap
  7. Only one of these is a QoL thingy but I agree yes.
  8. You downloaded the jar version I guess? Have you tried deleting everything related to RoatPkz (including your trashbin) and download it again?
  9. Would be weird and wrongful since he's not with two accounts in the wilderness at once. Imagine him doing it with a friend, nothing would be 'wrong' about it and things probably even go smoother with good communication.
  10. Yeah it's allowed. He's only with one account in the wilderness at once. ::blacklist
  11. Nice. Here's some extra tips:
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