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  1. Updated - Moved certain things to added/fixed and added new ones.
  2. Then its no longer worth it and better to get range shield (which has increased its range bonus) or ely.
  3. In my opinion Miasmic spells, trickster, vanguard, battle-mage, celestial, ganodermic and metal whips do not fit the game too well for now. Dungeoneering items/weapons got removed for a reason. Divine spirit shield got removed (based on a poll) for a reason 😅. Dragon kiteshield could be somethingto discuss. 6th barrows brothers - there are already 6 barrows brothers, right? 😬 Yes to vesta spear, no to godbows. Zaryte bow no, but Zaryte crossbow yes. However I do think Zaryte bow could fit the game later on (when zaryte crossbow has been in the game for a while) Yes to NEX armours but only Torva for now please.
  4. Can you actually use a DWH in OSRS as a normal hammer on anvils? I didn't know that LOL! If so, yes I agree. If we're talking about the Dragon Warhammer you might aswell want to change its require attack level to 1 and strength level to 60. I don't think it will make any impact on RoatPkz, but whilest you're making the DWH more usefull why not do this little tweak which is equal to OSRS.
  5. Yeah probably something wrong with the perks of certain ranks @Gretar can you please check if certain ranks on forums aren't able to use poll-options?
  6. mweh. It can hit high but it's accuracy isn't too good actually. It's a strong weapon, but is around 80k and dissapears after using it for a while.
  7. I understand what you're saying but wouldn't that be too negative for merchers? I'm not a mercher myself but could understand how it negatively effects the trading post for certain players. At the other side I see what you're saying about buying items when there's not lots of players online so I'm neutral for now.
  8. Well the set (body and legs) have a worth of about 55k and traded very frequently. The fact that it is way above the sell-to-store price and still being traded frequently says it's actually not too bad in my opinion. Also I see people pking at edge with the set pretty often ngl.
  9. @Fantasticcan you ban these bots I keep reporting them but their posts just stay here
  10. average drops are just too low in wealth. Same with clue scrolls, same with all other bosses (apart from jad and skot) tbh.
  11. I get your point but your point is no better than the cons. That's the whole challenge if we talk about clue scrolls, right? Find the locations, get the statistics and the items needed. What's next, boosting skills by x-amount of levels? And then make teleport options 3 tiles away from all steps? It just doesn't bring in enough benefits in comparison with the cons and 'QoL' updates like these kinda burn down the 'long-term content'. But I appreciate your empathy for the community!
  12. So basically what you're saying is that certain bosses should drop more skilling supplies (and/or gathering them by skilling should go quicker e.g mining rocks should go quicker, cutting logs should go quicket etc.) and either certain skilling aspects should give more experience or double xp scrolls should be easier to obtain.
  13. If you let the game borrow you the items for clue scrolls then there's no reason to need items for clue scrolls. Removing required items would basically be the same. Having to grind for your items or find people that may be able to help you out to get a step further is the challenge behind the clue scrolls. As mentioned before, it's also going to be hard to setup a system where you cannot lose the borrowed items. If you would still be able to lose it you would have to work with debts and that's just not what you want because it's 100% going to cost you players and a lot of people abusing the system.
  14. If you guys have any suggestions of items you'd like to see in the vote store please let me know by replied on this thread (including the reason why would be even more awesome)
  15. Either skip the task or wait till there are more pieces in-game if there aren't any (for sale) yet. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with a task that requires value (or a friend with value ). It also makes the pieces give even more worth since it has a more valuable perspective. If the task is too common perhaps it could be made less common since I understand the average player would not be able to afford all pieces without selling their items.
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