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  1. Goats been giving birth this past month have to keep a eye on my last 3 does for this month @Zoradz
  2. Lol can't brid me though, smack u in rune and dscim to d long combo @jblind Wait aren't you in the same staking cc jblind. ....
  3. L0l @Requiem Af I don't remember you as a staff member?
  4. Rip 46 Hours of my personal life gone
  5. Yea that's why I'm a in game ss
  6. Taco Man - Playtime: 46 Hours (+17 Hours AFK). 46 Hours of staking I haven't staked since mid Jan so ...
  7. Reasons I been in active, My goats take up to much of my time. Been busy with irl porn shoot. I'm in the shadows always watching.
  8. It's just a app that brings all roatpkz links into 1 place it's just a test app didn't really spend much time on it.
  9. App I'm working on still in dev stagehttp://d2wuvg8krwnvon.cloudfront.net/appfile/bb33acf93a5b.apk iphone test app is already out but it's complicated. Iphone users download link http://snappy.appypie.com/user/download-plist/appId/bb33acf93a5b Iphone only: after wards it show show up on your home screen next do following steps 1.go to: setting-> general->profiles 2. under Enterprise App, choose "onsinteractive solution Pvt Ltd." 4. tap "trust" in pop up. 5. now try running the trial app. thanks http://prnt.sc/ectbod http://prntscr.com/ectcb5 http://prntscr.com/ectcky http://prntscr.com/ectcx1
  10. Turns out he was a true staker after all my mate bind
  11. Taco Man


  12. Taco Man

    Staff situation

    Demote that taco guy, 140 hours god damn and I'm not emo I'm just emotional
  13. Taco Man

    Staff situation

    Want to hear yoobs mixtape?
  14. Taco Man

    Staff situation

    Ss aren't really staff all we have is temp mute and xteleme, the knowledge we hold most people know also want rag?
  15. Taco Man

    Fuck Dtaff

    Hello K3 allegiance
  16. First to get the number from 1-200 wins 50k pkp . Taylor won
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