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  1. annother good troll post zeplin
  2. i think zulrah is already a very solid money maker, probaly apart from corp, its the best boss for pkp, and zulrah has minimal requirments, i dont think a buff is needed
  3. Multi-barraging is disabled for a reason, i asked staff about a few weeks ago and it is intended, idk about NPC stacking. and the scorpion/spider suggestion is something that should probaly be changed.
  4. i know somebody with 3k+ revenant dark beast kc, people just love revenants
  5. im not sure about this, could be too much, but maybe this is only for master clue's and there's very worth while rewards if this is what u need to do to finish a step.
  6. There is alot of potential in this, i had this idea popping around in my head a couple weeks ago but couldnt figure out how to do it exactly, you've done a great job at explaining it and i think it would be a really great addition
  7. good suggestions man, the big dmm chest seems fine to me already but i agree with the rest.
  8. grats man, solid account
  9. Fityruneeli

    need friend pls a7es

    I'll be your friend
  10. the black dragonhide changes wont matter because everybody uses god d'hide anyway, the gmaul change im not sure about, and the overhead prayer change could be interesting but there shouldnt be a rush to just add anything osrs does to roat pkz
  11. with blowpipe and doing slayer the money should start rolling in man, enjoying the series.
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