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  1. pkmafia8

    refunt destroyed

    dont ever pipe again dumb dog extra: tanked the tb on 5hp and venom killled him at home
  2. pkmafia8

    Garbage cc gets decimated

    ur not the same in pms
  3. pkmafia8

    Garbage cc gets decimated

    might asswell close now
  4. u killed someone for 1k i dont see how u tihnk its still cool that u are on 1brew after a half tb u then got jammed for 30secs bec ur dumb ass didnt put left click on and now making excuses? TAKE THE L QUIT PKING ITS NOTHING FOR U
  5. pkmafia8

    refunt destroyed

    thats fucked thanks tho
  6. pkmafia8

    refunt destroyed

    U thinking i make these videos to make "carreir" is just cringe. I make these videos for in the future i can rewatch them Its carreer btw 4ner
  7. pkmafia8

    refunt destroyed

    btw what leon pmed u is not true i love u brother! he trynna make us beef
  8. pkmafia8

    ahk or ?

    does this look like an autoswitche or ahker https://gyazo.com/fdb5bd4ae54137f5e786b2cb0122f445 still clda died
  9. pkmafia8


    Bad version of keytracker
  10. pkmafia8

    nerf ags

    He give back doenst count Wallahi I had foughtsomeone at edgepvp and didnt realise i was barely out of food. Then wahey came out of nowhere tbed me (out of food) entangled me and then specced me out for a 121 ags gmaul doesntrlly count if u ask me broken edgepvp mechanics Hopfully u got some confidence to fight me in max now
  11. pkmafia8

    dumbass impact guy challenged the best

    Next time is proly in 2 weeks again when im bored lmfao get a life faggot
  12. pkmafia8

    dumbass impact guy challenged the best

    https://gyazo.com/e33f975d00a99af571787ceeb2b359fc this is what i do to u when i barely play let alone when im actuallywarmed up lmao noobs https://gyazo.com/5e565cbc91e2fffd4cc03266235ae777
  13. pkmafia8

    power hungry jblind

    Personally i think if u report a staff member the same staff member shouldnt be allowed to deal with the case how stupid it may be. Haha get owned dead to jbland
  14. pkmafia8

    Pyd is cleaned

  15. pkmafia8


    Content was good but theres so much u can do to improve as a pker
  16. pkmafia8

    first day back again

    welcome back mate
  17. pkmafia8

    Pk for lyfe

    enjoyed every second
  18. pkmafia8

    pk video ft 100k loot

    Imagine playing the game for 10 hours a day ( still suck) then calling other people cringe lmao...
  19. pkmafia8

    pk video ft 100k loot

    Yea depends who i fight. Ppl on roatpkz are easy to kill so predictable ags gmauls works
  20. pkmafia8

    pk video ft 100k loot

    Where Ur team has alot of deaths. I have never been focused or came close to dying once Why? How are u gonna get a focus on someone whos beating up ur members Ur team is the first team in runescape clan history to have their leadership audio leaked
  21. pkmafia8

    pk video ft 100k loot

    Theres a reason why i have never lost a single deep wild fight in my life. I have more than 3 fights in 1 inv before i bank and thats me worked down 2 brews