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  1. It was a 8 man fall in against u 1) u tanked ONLY 4minutes on a full invy 2) theres 300 drags and 5 of ur boltraggers (cant get a box) 3) u did everything wrong LOl
  2. server tried to merge, to compete with ratgang GONE WRONG CYA CYA CYA
  3. lol when did key getdemolisehd
  4. Fyi my laptop is being fixed as we speak so im actually gonna play the game a bit more like in the old days make sure to not hide when im back only took u 7minutes to kill me for bolt setup and then root in ts agsed on 77hp the first fight after. It amazes me how skill capped u noobs are and comeback when every team has left the server. U havent showed anything in the clan cup big noobs cyacya
  5. Might have to comeback and end this lil guys ego daul penino LOL
  6. Shut up dumb paki if u carz that much put ur chat off Theres a reason y people like roatpka where u dont get muted for every word u say
  8. Hahhahahahahahahah nigga got focused by dj and only way out was to go invisible Lmfao making a dumb excuse ur mom passed away just because ur scared thatd u get ANOTHER death for spartans u take this game wayy too serious dumb noob
  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL catching bodies like its nothing
  10. lmfaoooo niggas died to #bearz tryna cover up by making a video on NEXUS, getting half of the clips in mult video soon randoms
  11. u killed someone for 1k i dont see how u tihnk its still cool that u are on 1brew after a half tb u then got jammed for 30secs bec ur dumb ass didnt put left click on and now making excuses? TAKE THE L QUIT PKING ITS NOTHING FOR U
  12. U thinking i make these videos to make "carreir" is just cringe. I make these videos for in the future i can rewatch them Its carreer btw 4ner
  13. btw what leon pmed u is not true i love u brother! he trynna make us beef
  14. dont ever pipe again dumb dog extra: tanked the tb on 5hp and venom killled him at home
  15. He give back doenst count Wallahi I had foughtsomeone at edgepvp and didnt realise i was barely out of food. Then wahey came out of nowhere tbed me (out of food) entangled me and then specced me out for a 121 ags gmaul doesntrlly count if u ask me broken edgepvp mechanics Hopfully u got some confidence to fight me in max now
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