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  1. i might be nser but he picked his own beef and go bullied to bridzone/88s = D nice nap times tho 10-20mins at a time = D, Don uses rag def, and Paycheques blk lists good one "faminos"
  2. i guess this is to: Faminos aka 3 musketeers, don't pipe = D, especially you VZU you last 5 hrs tops, use same dead nan jokes haHAA i guess if i was beat by alcoholic parents as kid my brain would be mush like yours is hence you can't think any insults so you google them or ask from your discord group to do that while you eat your inv empty you fat fuck = D https://prnt.sc/n0smxv https://prnt.sc/n0sjag https://prnt.sc/n0slys https://prnt.sc/n0sjlq lesson of the story don't pipe when you ain't shit, btw im pretty sure spartans are #1 must feel good to kill cbow nser and die to balli auto/spec from i d0wn u ahaha nice avoid btw :- D good downfall from 67ks back to pure pking yikes
  3. yeah add this.. kinda annoying some dumbfucks can change rules last second and if you don't realize it they'll either equip armor or eat.. : D
  4. Dragon Arrows / Price you Suggest: not sure.. Amethyst Arrows / Price you Suggest: - Amethyst Javelins / Price you Suggest: - Saradomin Brews / Price you Suggest: 0.5 - 1 pkp (0.5 kinda same as anglers even tho has 4 sips on it) Sanfew Serums / Price you Suggest: same as brews Super Anti-Fire potions / Price you Suggest:  Gear: Barrows Gloves / Price you Suggest: 50-75 pkp Berserker Necklace / Price you Suggest: 50pkp Regen Bracelet / Price you Suggest: 150-250 Wizard Boots / Price you Suggest: 50-100 pkp meaby Abyssal Whip / Price you Suggest 75-100 pkp but i think 75-100 or even lower would be reasonable.. considering new ppl who join dont have to struggle
  5. 1. Bronze Med helm 2. fire cape 3. amulet of strength 4. - 5. Dragon Scimitar 6. Bronze chainbody 7. Bronze Sq Shield 8. Bronze plateskirt 9. mystic gloves 10. fancy boots 11. ring of recoil 12. Dragon halberd
  6. Imo sounds like good and viable idea.. why not : D! plus new players tend to ask stuff if they would get somethin to start with it would make their road starting the game a lot quicker to pickup on
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