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  1. Dab you're a dumb no name rat, never heard of you and never seen you in game, if you speak up again imma have to give your sister the pipe, if you continue your mother's next kiddo. Learn your place before you have to learn a lesson But +1 for the spec tab timer you got something right in your life at least.
  2. no brew cap, that's just a dumbass idea in the first place to me, it's a RUNESCAPE PRIVATE SERVER why and just why would you ever add a brew cap for the wildy.............................................. divine needs to be yanked from existence tho, and have ely wiped and way more of a rare drop.
  3. Retarded dog boy :) enjoy ur life in london on the streets, maybe you'll be mime yh?

    1. CertainlyNotSinister


      Thanks, just logging in from the local library to see this.

    2. Rot Tries pknew

      Rot Tries pknew


  4. Did you @ yourself ? lmfaoo and those retards got clrd from runescape for life after i violated them, jason (sinister) still has problems irl from me, and the reject yoobs had mentals problems from the start of it anyways, felt bad for him, but who r u anyways in game, never saw u in my life smh, forums rat
  5. you have yoobs and sinister in your signature, u can smd they both got cancer irl
  6. how tf do u get 1m let alone how u gonna stake it smh but good job anyways mate plus wym this is what i made gambling, didn't u lose the 1m in the end?
  7. http://prntscr.com/ax8p7g http://prntscr.com/ax8pte
  8. Sureeeeeeeeeee u were all hyped up in yell 2 fight me and now u say this r0flr0fl #Scared??
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