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  1. Looking good, might go try em
  2. Looks good, good job! I need my Donator rank on forum been waiting more than a week .-.
  3. Looking good bro, keep it up
  4. Better than me I cant even do that lool, dont know why everyone complains "whos teh best brid" good video tho :D
  5. Superman

    Custom Launcher

    -Added background music I'd get rid of that making its a little bigger for a pking wallpaper etc other than that its perfect
  6. Looks like it but, good luck, I wouldn't worry about a vet title. :P
  7. I play this server for fun, lool but im not bad mostly im having bad luckk
  8. You could make another thread, prefer old style BH or the recent BH. :P
  9. Superman

    DAT drop <3

  10. Having a target system would be enough IMO, and having a teleport that goes to the target.
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