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  1. Same Sea


    idk where u took that hitman story but okay. im done with you. if commiting crimes irl is something that shud make people look up to u or idolize you i really dont think this conversation should go any further. wether u done em things or u just bragging about them. either way its just sad and you should seek professional help this is roatpkz forums afterall
  2. Same Sea


    youre swedish we get ot you have some weird ppl there but whatever. internet gangster you say? who sent me a pic of a dead guy claiming it to be his victim? tryhard outcast irl trying to build an online persona to feel better about yourself
  3. Same Sea


    youre actually cute. only thing u ever done skillfully and flawlessly was dissapointing your dead parents
  4. Same Sea


    why you arguing with this degenerate
  5. Same Sea


  6. Same Sea

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

    2 years still scared to fight me b t w
  7. Same Sea

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

    the bankstander/switcher is made extra for you
  8. Same Sea

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

    - Most humorous - @Persona - Most Arab/foreign - @ bank00 - Shortest temper - probably me - Most helpful - @Fantastic - Best YouTuber - none - Best Hybrid - @Littlewillis - Best Tribrid - @Dr4g0nb0ys0n - Best Pure Nher - @ moonrise - Best Dher - @ gorillas - Most Retarded - @xex @fruitiest - Fastest Switcher - @ drawers - Most underatted Pker - @ persona - Most Chilled player - @ pyd - Nicest player - @ legend - Biggest Duel Rat - @ pyd @ legend @ same sea - PVM'er - @ fruitiest @op shacko - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - @ every1 at hills - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - @ littlewillis - Biggest Whale - @ 99b - Bank-stander/switcher - erca - Most Improved - no clue - Nerd every1
  9. Same Sea

    Ez Suggestion

    the idea itself is not horrible, but i dont think this should be something to focus on right now since there are way more important stuff that needs to be added or fixed within the game
  10. Same Sea

    Gym life is Same seas brother

    being you must be pretty fucking sad.
  11. Same Sea

    "Dual Penino" ...

    didnt ags gmaul a 100 in armadyl. shocker
  12. Same Sea

    List of xex’s posts that are actually funny

    he aint funny.
  13. Same Sea

    Divine prodding whale for 18k

    dont really get these one killpic topics with no loot pics on fuck knows who
  14. kinda makes u want to risk him right
  15. Same Sea

    ultimate expose

    thats a stretch its been dead longer than that