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  1. Same Sea

    cleared again.

    what cc? bullysquad (whoever they fuck these guys are) killed by spartans member. ?
  2. Same Sea

    cleared again.

    nice coma. you still dont last
  3. Same Sea

    mfw signfield comes on

  4. Same Sea


    yessssss King Gym is back
  5. Same Sea

    Day in the Life of Hatcx

  6. Same Sea

    Trump and Kanye

    n ty
  7. Same Sea

    Requiem Af playlist

  8. Same Sea

    Profile picture / Austin Vocals

    loc mine its broken men
  9. Same Sea

    Sarah Hyland

    @Yoobs da king told u are gna get clowned
  10. Same Sea

    Sarah Hyland

    yes sir abusing powers i dont have is not okay. agreed
  11. Same Sea

    Sarah Hyland

    yes thats exactly how it is. good job Sherlock
  12. Same Sea

    Sarah Hyland

    oh my i love roatpkz sometimes
  13. Same Sea

    Sarah Hyland

    ye you caught me. i donated 30k to gretar to get invisibility then smackd came up to me and wanted to give me teleportation powers and then jblind thought fuck it he wants to abuse too and gave me ::jail. everyone are corrupt brother as sad as it seems. fucking retard fr l0l0l0l0l0l
  14. Same Sea

    Sarah Hyland

    i gave eliza 750k to stay silent. why does that matter tho?