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  1. the rng is insane tho
  2. Yess some irrelevant propaganda
  3. This edit is just aggressive
  4. Same Sea


    ofcourse it goes both ways, and its not going to stop. i cant imagine what is going through the brain of some1 when they decide to do something like that. i wouldnt put civilian crimes and army killings in the same pot tho shit like that happens and it will never stop. the difference is that this will be talked about atleast for the next year, but when a muslim drives a van into the crowd killing 20 and injuring another 20 it gets mentioned and after that its forgotten. ooga booga
  5. Same Sea


    i dont recall asking what is and what is not allowed in quaran. everyone has their opinion and this topic was made to share it.
  6. Same Sea


    yeah, why would i do that? why would i act like i care? terrorist attacks happen all the time. get mentioned briefly on the news and thats it. some white guy snaps and shoots up a mosque for revenge and everyone goes crazy lmfao.
  7. Dragon Arrows / Price you Suggest: 1 pkp each Amethyst Arrows / Price you Suggest: either free or very cheap like 0.25 ea  Amethyst Javelins / Price you Suggest: 2-4 pkp each Saradomin Brews / Price you Suggest: free Sanfew Serums / Price you Suggest: 1-2pkp each Super anti-fire potions / Price you Suggest: 5-10 pkp each  Barrows Gloves / Price you Suggest: 250?  Berserker Necklace / Price you Suggest: 150 pkp Regen Bracelet / Price you Suggest: 75-125 pkp Wizard Boots / Price you Suggest: same price as dragon boots perhaps?  Abyssal Whip / Price you Suggest: this should remain free or put whip and tentacle in pkp store separately and price them like 250 for whip and 750-1k for the tentacle
  8. imagine still tearing up when someone calls you bad on a rsps
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