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  1. Same Sea

    Hybrid Video

    Music is disgusting video is ok
  2. Same Sea

    Money Making Guide?

    You just answered your own question
  3. Same Sea

    Illey Exposed?!?

    Excuse me, who are you again. Introduce yourself
  4. Same Sea

    Illey Exposed?!?

    Could we get english translation on this pls
  5. Same Sea

    Account Appeal

  6. Same Sea

    1m + RISK FIGHTS?!

    shat ap downie u have custams to merch
  7. Same Sea

    1m + RISK FIGHTS?!

    shut up freak
  8. Same Sea

    enzeim number one nher on runescoop

    if you lose like 30-1 you shouldnt be calling any1 to osrs lmfao
  9. still a fan i see :3
  10. every single person on the ban list would dismantle you lmfao
  11. Same Sea

    Rat gets humiliated

  12. Same Sea

    150k PKP Giveaway

  13. Same Sea

    Fuck u ahmash #2

    you're a state mr.
  14. Same Sea

    kK wE Ns NoW DuMb PaKi