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  1. format: Ingame Username: Freebies How long have you been playing: 1.5year 2year Do you have any single pk'ing experience (if so please specify): yes I been in many clans and closed Spartans multiple times they had to change names and their leader had to force renegade leader to close the clan or hell beat him up because he couldn't handle the heat How often do you play roatpkz: all the time I don't log off Do you have access to discord:? yes witch style of pking do you prefer, Tb/Focus/?: I adapt 2 everything ask why gg or other Spartan members whats good when freebies logs in
  2. https://gyazo.com/9d99babd41e3c6b13f706c2a8f2e5445
  3. Didn't stop eating lmao gf emo kid
  4. Wtf was this? Imagine x3 dis speccing him on full hp to make him out lol. After u got redbarred for max pure
  5. claws to gmaul , 2nd spec being the gmaul went off after melee pray -21
  6. just take the death lmfao. always excuses with all of yous; 21 on melee pray ok. when i died after being crashed, ( i died due to gate being glitched @ axe hut ) wouldnt allow me to go through, but i didnt say a word cos so what lmfao, just take it every death yous have had, has always had an excuse?
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