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  1. Supremium one of the only active ss daily while you're unable to see the meme of 3at4ss you you're quoting everyone who mentions him while not providing who you'd think would be good for ss.
  2. @3AT 99 ALL it's obvious who it should be dawg, turning this into the next ancient mace
  3. this my theme song rn
  4. I'm still confused how @Xex is up to date on memes but doesn't login
  5. Interesting how you're able to talk shit while I'm offline but when I'm online you set risk def to 5k and keep killbob bled. Like i said delusional.
  6. And you cried cause a meme wouldn't let you pk.
  7. Only thing you slapped was some sense in yourself after trying to think you'd beat any of us and left the server
  8. you changed when you got mod
  9. who are you again?
  10. I really enjoyed the free Big Bum Bum part of the video!
  11. I'm not even staff wtf, feel like i just got used
  12. Killbob


    this isn't lofi oɥʇ pɹɐɥ oƃ ʇᴉɥs ǝᴉɥʇ
  13. Killbob


    Unlocked topic? yes indeed
  14. Killbob

    im a redneck

    Ai man this shit happens often too. Women something else
  15. April fools ur all dogshit
  16. Killbob

    Don't fear quarantine

    Unfortunately this is very true @Tupac OwO
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