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  1. @Salad @Gretar As someone who has played this server for God knows long it has been a consistent complaint of the pkers but nothing has been able to be done. When I spoke to another person familiar with java they said fixing all of the problems that we have in regards to the combat is all about being able to do math To be pessimistic, everything you have said here has been said 1m times one way or another, but the way you worded it is definitely coming from a place of knowledge and maybe that will help our devs more ideally pinpoint the problem (vs the rest of us who just say the cb is shit and whine for a paragraph) I like this
  2. tyvm Keving ? Fial .. Nub :LL where u kid ? "Peponi is jake He almost died to a half again" safe fam tyvm
  3. Apparently this weekend lol
  4. clueless 4 way tribrid guy thinking maxing out a barrage and agsing a 35/45 on prayer to 35 g maul on prayer = redbar ! (and tank while ur in no bonus but yh rlly good pker)
  5. Dominating renegades small manning - WATCH IN HD
  6. Can I get a link I don't keep up with rs news
  7. Kihfan55

    Conor Vs Floyd

    Pretty sure they're the same weight (~), imagine how much less energy u exert being on the ground for a good portion of a fight vs Floyds body being used to standing up and moving continuously. Conor would tire so fast and I think we would see how hard Floyd actually punches lol. If they fought I would predict Floyds first knockout in a while (and if that's not enough of a hot take, I predict it by the 5th round) @Pyd nate diaz would be a better fight uok
  8. Kihfan55

    Conor Vs Floyd

    Floyd easily
  9. If you want to spy on renegades you will be paid 50k pkp per hit pm me on the forums
  10. Kihfan55


    fial rockie wat u wanting son ? smfd nub
  11. Ingame Username: Spy Network How long have you been playing: 5 years Do you have any single pk'ing experience (if so please specify): Barely Can you join Skype/Discord/Teamspeak: Prefer discord to talk but skype yh
  12. Spoken like a true edge pker, would go in depth on how stupid you sound but you actually wouldn't understand
  13. "Why didn't u 'loT!!!' tb him while he was at agility course!!!!!!! HADURRRRR BRIDDER MAGE BANK PKER HADURRRRRR!!!!!!"
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