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  1. Team members: Jdrc01,JblindTeam name: flower puffs
  2. @JBLIND i would neck my self if i was jizzie
  3. cool vid bro hm 77s u did in this vid nigga
  4. thanks hehehe stfu ty bro Stay 24/7 safezone crippled kid. ty bro thanks bro Appreciate that man thanks bro! ty Thanks mate ! thanks ! my niggah ty
  5. you know that jdrc is 10x better than u snake , wait for me
  6. Drawers dying to a dfs bolt @drawers l000l Gj my nigga
  7. WAAH ! This dog is now posting for a multi clan , He's so miserable about his shitty single's clan because he's 24/7 at safezone , or pking on dt , stop beig doggy licking other's fart.
  8. jdrc01


    not hiding my name was just adding "jdrc01" name.
  9. jdrc01


    just a funny vid 2 show community talking about tanking a fully max clan trading max specs on u , while u are in mystic's and dhide's and have 8 brews , well every time u almost die to us to a half while u was in max on a rsps so just shut up rsps pker.
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