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  1. Yes, because you can't kill him without tagging on him and banking twice right? Retard. Whose talking to you? You come out of nowhere sucking everyone off on this topic, be quiet you slave.
  2. Personally I wouldn't halve the price for 100 overloads, but maybe instead of 500 PKP for it, I'd reduce it to 400 maybe? Not a bad idea if your buying in bulk. Bulk should be 250+ or something though.
  3. Not really, it's for being a member for 2 years+.
  4. It's pathetic how people bitch about getting ragged constantly, you obviously provoked the person to rag you for a reason. Face the consequence.
  5. "Lee with the assist init" Retard with the Tb is what you really meant.
  6. Stop fucking with the wrong people and you might not get ragged?
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