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  1. have fun fucking your girlfriend
  2. nice song LOL reminded me of the good old runescape days.
  3. elizathepat

    Best music

    i like this song
  4. Who are u I've been active the past few years, I just haven't been as active for the past few months.
  5. Dear Gym, Stop trying to staff hunt. It isn't 2015. Sincerely, Elizathepat.
  6. Hey guys, it's Elizathepat here, and I would like to make some suggestions to better this server 1. Addition of Dicing This can be done by any means, a gambler, trusted Super Donators only, etc. I think that we should have adding of dice zone and a flower poker section (sell the seeds for 10 PKP each) 2. Super Donator zone Alot of people have been asking for this, and I stand by them. What I propose is a zone that's like Donator zone, but in reality, has twice or even three times the drop rate. Even though super donators have a 25% chance of getting better drops, it barely shows, and Super Donators should have their own space where they can talk and chill. 3. More custom PK kits for Regular players and Donators I think that the amount of custom PK kits for regular players and donators are too little, and going from a small number like 3 to 10? That's not fair for the regular players. What should be done is increasing the number of PK kits for reg and donors by 2 each, so that the one who donates more isn't always favored (in reality it always is, but balancing it would be wonderful) 4. OSRS Mode I think that the OSRS mode is extremely buggy, you can't switch your private chat colors, and it should be fixed. 5. Ability to buy Max cape with VP Max capes should be able to be bought for 100 voting points from the vote store, because in reality, lots of people don't want to go to the mage arena. 6. PKing competitions I think that in the past few months, Roat Pkz has been dying, slowly coming back, then dying at a faster rate. What we should do is have competitions between PKers that will attract more people to play our server. 7. Addition of BH Bounty Hunter has been a very old topic, and has been suggested many times. What I think we should do is make a system somewhat similar to the BH in oldschool runescape, where you get artifacts and trade them in for PKP. That's all, thanks and I hope you'll agree with some of my suggestions! Elizathepat
  7. ur richer thn 90% of server nigga
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