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  1. F3 Please

    07 vid

    shit as fuck, w18 44s is loc lol
  2. mikep stop and i might let you in the wilderness lol
  3. zoradz for demote lol abuser
  4. crazy specs, nice switches. shoulda brought a jamal & everyone in the vid woulda died haha. nice video man
  5. people take this game 2 seriously
  6. everyone starts somewheres, nice video man hope you keep going and making successful video's!
  7. was a pleasure knowing you bud, goodluck with irl!
  8. F3 Please


    Mayweather waited for Connor to get exhausted to strike which he proceeded to do so very well like always, yeah mcgregor won the first few rounds, but mayweather won overall. it says a lot after i think 8 rounds when connor was done & it showed floyd in his corner smiling with his tongue out, mayweather exhausted mcgregor and won the fight fair and square with a wonderful technique . 50-0
  9. F3 Please


    rip my $250.. lmfao
  10. i love roat pkz & the wonderful staff!
  11. why does my name keep poppin up lol i havent been in gunit for a long time, i was gone before jadlord was even thought of
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