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  1. Not sure if it would be hard to code into the forums... Regarding the YouTuber rank, It would be cool to just be able to click the Forums icon of the YouTuber that would lead directly into their respected Youtube channels. Hit us up @John
  2. I mean, most people like me are lazy and dont wanna scroll down to click a custom set lmao. Ofcourse it isn't a huge deal, but it would be a cool feature. I agree, it's not top of the list. But it's still a suggestion regarding the future, right? It's not like all of the suggestions here are added immediately.
  3. It would be cool to add a command ;;kit 1 etc on the kit system. Not sure if this has been suggested before, if so delete / lock the post.
  4. It's a pk server, most likely won't happen since voids are obtainable via voting.
  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRR the client that's coming out 2028 even though you said it would be out the day before yesterday
  6. Yes, you are. 'cause you can't play it doesn't mean it's trash
  7. Welcome back dude. Nothing's changed community wise lmao.
  8. Damn dude, nasty specs, good clips :-)
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