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  1. Uhhh...what? Fantastic unban that man.
  2. @Tesfxye make your name A tesfxye.
  3. Getting defensive even though I agree with you, not listening to other people. Yeah fam you lost already.
  4. I don't really see the corruption here, you said taxi meaning not trying to kill Sarah. Meaning if used to teleport away to save yourself some walking distance, rather than not trying to die/lose valuable items/elo, then it should be w.e. Many upon many staff members have done the same thing fam. However, I happen to agree with you regardless Sarah should not have this power unless Gretar okayed it.
  5. Make it longer chorus was nice, the funny little convo was dope maybe shortern that, add more bars basically.
  6. He's glorifying, and trying to capitalize himself killing a teenager because he wanted to play cop. You don't have to think about it, despicable.
  7. Now get back to skype noob.
  8. Sage fest

    New music

    Mess with the beat, lyrically I fuck with it, the flow is nice, but the pauses you need to compensate with the melody bro.
  9. Sage fest


    Listen to his new/last album shits just next level. Went from fratboy rap back in the days to experimenting with different styles, while still doing his own thing man deserves more credit.
  10. Damn prime opportunity to bait and switch with a cat.
  11. Sage fest


    Before your time kiddo, but hey gucci gang amright?
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