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  1. "posting multi kills" moron acting like it's a multi kill just because he doesn't know multi lines in 2019
  2. I got ecocleaned so it is what it is. I'm not stuck on roatpkz though get past 46 combat on 07 then lmk in the comments below
  3. Why am I mentioned in this. I'm the last person who'd care if you died ingame or irl. You're not good you're whole team is ran by maybe 1 or 2 decent pkers the rest of you are hardstuck rowtpkz cheerleaders lmfao keep my name out of your mouth
  4. how u played roat for years and still dont have a rune pouch buddy
  5. was afk soz doesn't count brother
  6. why do you all listen to that garbage music holy fuck
  7. You can't even make yourself laugh let alone someone else you waste of fucking oxygen. You can't even make friends on rsps let alone irl you fucking dog LMFAO
  8. Imagine how happy 99.9% of the population would be if you figured out how to tie a rope around your neck imagine that for one second
  9. I didn't pm anybody you insecure fuck lmfao add me on disc pyd #8060 fucking nonce
  10. lmfao wtf is ridge "are you pyd from roatpkz" how insecure must you be irl to think thats me l00000000000000000000l fucking moron dumb fuck ^
  11. You're level 5 on 07 after almost 6 years cmon cuz
  12. Pyd


    07 was released nearly 6 years ago and you're still level 5 cbf
  13. Pyd


    stay avoiding you illiterate rat
  14. Pyd


    See you in 30minutes whale. Dedicate your pitiful life to suicide nsing. Maybe make that your real life goal see you in 30mins retard xxxx
  15. Pyd


    If I remember correctly you're level 4 combat. And yeah you're right pyd doesn't have an rs account giggle
  16. Pyd


    You don't even pk shut the fuck up
  17. Make it so zombies like NH tank and maxerke aren't allowed to attack you unless they dare fight
  18. You're disturbed irl mate
  19. Me or staff members should hold it. Not jblind tho he's a dumb Brit @JBLIND
  20. Pyd


    Stop fucking around and make a main
  21. Scared of actually pking so you claim to be an nser. Cringe
  22. So you're gonna get 200m exp on roat instead of 40m 07? Gag Or 20m w.e rates are
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