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  1. you stole $2 off me after 5 years stop typing to me again, you wouldn't dare fight me
  2. shut up weird fuck uve known me for 5 years and stole $2 off me dont speak to me freak
  3. was it worth it nigga
  4. Dont record with a potato then you will be fine. Don't expect a positive response from the downies on this game though, if you're not hybridding you will get called a shitter, even though theres not 1 decent hybrid who makes videos on this server. Gl tho
  5. - Most humorous - Mr taylor - Most Arab/foreign - mr taylor - Shortest temper - mr taylor - Most helpful - nobody all shit - Best YouTuber - all trash - Best Hybrid - mr taylor - Best Tribrid - mr taylor - Best Pure Nher - mr taylor - Best Dher - mr taylor - Most Retarded - erca - Fastest Switcher - me / drawers - Most underatted Pker - - Most Chilled player - mr taylor - Nicest player - mr taylor - Biggest Duel Rat - mr taylor - PVM'er - mr taylor - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - erca - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - erca - free as FUCK lmfao - Biggest Whale - erca - Bank-stander/switcher - erca @drawers @Blood Hound
  6. weak responses cause you know i don't play along with your fake ass persona. Weird freak show. You're probably 1 of those melts who believes the lies they tell. You got my sympathy nigga....not LMFAO
  7. you just lied atleast 6 times in that post. re write it then get back to me you wet fuck
  8. clearly do, lying about yourself irl "hey look at me i kill people and rob people, omg my bro got shot right in front of me i cant deal with this shit" LMFAO fuck out pussy none of that happened you're fucking swedish LOOOOOOOOOL pasty ass 15 old smashing his keyboard. To make it worse you gas yourself on roatpkz when you sit in the bank on an alt 3 ticking 4 ways like you're ever gonna accomplish anything when you darent even fight littlewillis without an alt don't get me started on your runescape experience, nice account lmfao fuck boy dont speak to me im your idol
  9. now i see why you have 0 friends whatsoever legit weird as fuck i have no words for you ROFL
  10. you was there to quest, you didn't continue so i changed pass, this shit was months ago get a grip you cringey fuck go kill someone irl weird melt
  11. what 07 pass you weird fuck
  12. tryna recover 3 dappz u manky little fuck. also "pyd paid me 20m to stop recovering" LMFAO ok fuck face neck it
  13. shut up freak show nice try to snake me rat nigga
  14. Pyd


    dont listen to erca he never left safezone nice vid shame ur ass at ww2 zzzzzz
  15. Team members: Pyd, Ali Team name: Piss smellers
  16. Why only messi and ronaldo, they're nearly done. Neymar #1
  17. preach it my nigga. fuck the downie staff lmfao
  18. my man said should gretar take a day off ?
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