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  1. couldnt think of anything worse
  2. Pyd


    read skype downie never seen your name ever. Dont speak to me like ur some hot shit downie ive been here since before you even knew what runescape.com was lmfao zombie
  3. Pyd


    if you read what i said to you on his thread i was completely against his video u fucking joke. http://prntscr.com/i8ddvo maybe i missworded what i said maybe i didnt, but this reply was based on you saying "switches like 1013 if it was legit" what i was saying is you're only saying that because the video is recorded in ass quality, if you re watch it, not even close to 1013
  4. Pyd


    i made this because of every hybrid video ive seen in the last 3 months
  5. Pyd


    stop recording your clips in 15 fps and -500000 bitrate tryna look fast weird guys. Did not ask (btw)
  6. jheez smackd coming through with banter
  7. shorttyy or w.e his downie name is has always been a shitter, hybrids the dummy for 5 hours calls you to exiled (lol) then logs
  8. theres no way you chose this music because you like it. nobody likes that music
  9. - most funny : Mr Taylor @Blood Hound - most arab : Mr Taylor - shortest temper : Mr Taylor - most helpful : everyones a downie no1 helps - best youtuber : Mr Taylor/Mr Jake - best hybrid : Other than myself Mr taylor/Mr Jake @Kihfan55 - best tribrid : Other than myself Mr taylor/Mr jake - best pure nher : Other than myself Mr taylor/Mr jake - best dher : - most retarded : magebank or ahmash - fastest switcher : other than myself, Drawers/Mr taylor @drawers - most underrated pker : - coolest player : nobody - nicest player : good 1
  10. shit should be unbuyable, only way to obtain it should be some shit that takes 10 hours, its hard on rs so why not on here
  11. you didnt kill anyone. sick of hearing about this lmfao smh
  12. nty lol too much multi pking on roatpkz omfggg LMFAO
  13. u factored in the 15fps recording, re-watch it
  14. you been tryna look faster than me for like 2 years even 20 fps u dont look fast
  15. plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  16. you legit fought each other 1 time and u both arguing over something that isn't there. both zombies hmu
  17. oh look another pointless topic
  18. ur lvl 47 cb and log in with an email. Expected jealousy N G L
  19. Pyd

    mr jake

    no1 knows you or cares about you freak lmfao
  20. obv not coz u and a select few can afford 500 sets of it, so u dont have to worry about competition ex DEE
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