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Kill Farming Detection System

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Just warred BN for 3/4 hours with swab during which a good percentage of our players ended up getting jail warnings/actually jailed (CC & Chat spam makes the warning easily missed).

This is massively impacting the multi scene and needs an overhaul, the way warring works at the moment NSers are just suiciding over and over until everyone is jailed.

The cooldown either needs removing or flipping around, x amount of deaths in quick succession is surely evident "farming" too.

@Baz@Smackd@Gretar@YAMIHA@Gars@Bind U Dead

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have you not heard of the #1 Pker across all RSPS servers?  Dude (rip) mechanically was the best and when he decided it was your time mine rocks, it was at his will that your mining level increased

if you feel fear, don't read the rest of this message


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