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Easter Event 2024 - Easter Tumeken's - Easter Basket - Crate Ring - New Ankou!


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 Hello everyone, today we are introducing our 2024 seasonal Easter Event!


Thanks to @Hemmi80 our client background has taken a new look for the Easter period.


Easter Home
The home has been visited by the easter spirit. You can start the event at ::easter!
Talk to Emily and she will guide you through the event.


Easter Portal
You start your journey by teleporting to the wilderness using the Easter Portal! Be aware! This is in the wilderness!


Summoner's Egg
Once you've entered the Easter Island, pick up a Summoner's Egg and crack it! An Easter Bird will appear ready to FIGHT!


Angry Easter Bird
The Angry Easter Bird will pop up and is ready to fight you instantly! Kill it and collect your tokens!


Easter Token
The Angry Easter Bird will drop Easter Tokens (along with PvP kills), be sure to collect them so you can purchase items!


Token Rewards
After you've collected your tokens you can spend them at ::easter! I highly recommend the Gold Easter Casket!



Gold Easter Casket
Gold Easter Casket has some juicy reward including the new Easter Tumeken! The Easter Tumeken is a limited edition 2024 Easter Event item!


Easter Tumeken
Easter Tumeken has two different variants! You can metamorphis is at any time!


Silver Easter Casket
Silver Easter Casket has some juicy rewards, including the new Easter Basket (7.5M). The Easter Basket is a limited edition 2024 Easter Event item!


Easter Basket
The limited edition Easter Basket has some cool animations! And you can even fling some eggs with it!



Bronze Easter Casket
Bronze Easter Casket has some juicy reward including the new Crate Ring (5M). The Crate Ring is a limited edition 2024 Easter Event item!



Crate Ring
You can do wider variety of actions using the new Crate Ring.



AFK Gathering
Everyone wants to be able to make money while sleeping! So here is your chance! (Voting required). Search an Easter egg at home and reap the rewards!


Skilling For Tokens
If you don't feel like doing PvM, you can skill on the Easter Island! Either by woodcutting or mining!



Super Angry Easter Bird
A Super Angry Easter Bird will now appear in the wilderness every 3 hours! It spawns at a random location, either multi or singles. You can teleport to it via ::bird! Be careful! It's the wilderness after all!

It spawns at (SERVER TIME):

02:45 Server Time
5:45 Server Time
8:45 Server Time
11:45 Server Time
14:45 Server Time
17:45 Server Time
20:45 Server Time
23:45 Server Time



Two new pets!
You can now receive two new Easter Bird pets, one comes from the Gold Easter Casket, and the other one is a rare drop from the Super Angry Easter Bird! Both of them are tradeable and 2024 exclusive!


Temporary Collection Log
For the first time, we are introducing a temporary collection log for this Holiday Event. This collection log does not count towards hiscores but will help you keep track of your earnings! It also has some great rewards!

- Additional changes -


New Ankou colors added to clue scrolls.
Purple ankou has been added to easy clue scroll.
Magma ankou has been added to Medium clue scroll.
Pink ankou has been added to Hard clue scroll.
Lime ankou has been added to Elite clue scroll.



New Item Sets!
We have added item sets for Torva, Blood Torva, Virtus and all ankou sets in-game! This makes for much easier buying & selling of full item sets.


Combine to sets.
You can now easily combine item sets through the inventory instead of having to trade Harald at the Trading Post. This should be a great QOL update.

  2036800603_87172411copy.png.dc6e6514e68e6d292a9261cf1eebd8f1.png We hope you enjoy the event, and we wish you happy easter 2036800603_87172411copy.png.dc6e6514e68e6d292a9261cf1eebd8f1.png

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