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V Good Pker

Signature & Profile Picture & Password - Guide - V Good Pker

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Hey guys, i made this guide and i hope it will helps you so hope you like it!





If you want to add a signature on forums, you need to click on your name, up of the page and then you need to click on account settings:



And then click on signature: 



And then you need to go to Tinypic and then click on choose file and then you must choose picture from your pc, after you do that click on upload now and then you need to copy the second link and paste it on the signature box:




So now to paste the link in the signature box you need to click on "Link": 


and then you can paste the link:





*Profile Picture:


Go to your page and click on profile photo and then choose a picture from your pc:






To change your password on forums go to your account settings and then click on password: 


In the first box you need to type your current password and in the second and in the third box you need to type your new password but make sure to make your password strong 


Thanks for reading my guide, hope you like it :D



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Amazing guide, better then all the other guides I've seen on the forums. Thanks so much for the guide it helped me. Nice pictures too.

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Thanks mate, some people were wondering how to get sigs xD

Really helpful guide wonderful work Smith :).

Helpful guide mate, thanks!

Thanks guys for the feedback. i will be glade if this guide helps some players!

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