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  1. So you pay 3 armour sets to get a new recoloured one? Tbh I don't think PvP armours need an extra sink (apart from the fact that it sinks itself) right now. Could think of adding other armours like torva.
  2. Knasterd


    See ya soon bud
  3. So fellow players being critical leds you to toxicity and that's their fault? 🤔 No worries btw.
  4. raids update is coming first
  5. Not my piece of content but I can see how it can benifit the game and bring more gameplay and joy for others. Hyped for the boys ofcourse!
  6. In my opinion ring of vigour, and ring of eternal vigour just don't fit the game right now. I also don't see how korasi alone would bring more player to edgeville permanently. Ofcourse there will be more commotion when it's new but the enthusiasm will decrease over time.
  7. Posted May 5 Roat Pkz Mass Unban (Next 24 hours only)!
  8. It has requirements on osrs for a reason
  9. Nice clips but indeed too laggy, got to fix the black bars etc. 😜
  10. Perhaps black or white icon. Support.
  11. Average loot of 5.2k, damn thats pretty good!
  12. Decided to open 100 vote mystery boxes. Bought them for an average of about 850 each. 4x barrelchest anchor have been sold back to shop, that's the pkp in the left corner.
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