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  1. Awesome guide man ❤️
  2. Hi erryone, I decided to start a new adventure by making the bank of my dreams without gambling 1 pkp, if im caught fping/staking you have granted the power to ban me from me, the goal is reached sometimes with gambling then i get bored because my brain is used to gamble at some moments but it's time to be convinced that i'm done gambling, because i'm tired of it, and losing my bank everytime, since it doesn't work for anyone, mostly me, i had the worst rng in roatpkz ever since 2012 and over 1b gambled, still, i don't have 5mil of that. It's gonna be a good fresh start, I like fresh starts and mostly when I start saving the money I earn each days, And sometimes it amazes me how much I can make in 1 day. Now with everything gathered and according to what I know, I'm gonna use everything I know into making a progress each day, Sometimes it can vary from 100k Up to 1m with [Youtube] Giveaways considered. And that just pure luck but I sometimes nag and shake the tree to drop me some fruit. Sometimes it works because of my nagging. Goals & Achievements Id like to have this year before it ends Korasi Twisted bow Tumeken's Shadow Holy scythe of vitur Torva set Tokhaar-kal-ket Elysian spirit shield 5-10m pkp to buy whatever I want Simple as that, I'm going to try and spoil myself with that during this couple months left of the year, Rules are no gambling, no crying
  3. I felt like probably the game needs more content for us and expand the fun little larger by adding an active competitive minigame like fist of guthix or pest control to take over all the portals etc and a little nice shop you can get actual tradeable items that can make you some pkp This suggestion topic is open to have more suggestions about minigames with explained depth on how that is so good to the server
  4. no1 asked bro? u shouldnt say that if no1 asks simply no1 cares..
  5. What do you mean? I didn't understand.
  6. I gotta say, Lovely update and cool server, Keep these coming
  7. Hello, I've been brainstorming myself to come up with an idea for the game and to let it bring fun to us. Let me break it down like this. Clan Masks that look like the money heist tv show untradeable only obtained from cz and each clan has their own pick to the masks, and it come with a suit maybe like a cape as well. or black mask , ::getid black mask with one have more red slashes into it, to bring pking on another level, and this should extend the joy and might bring more clans together, BRING Da horror on
  8. Korasi should be an accessable item as it is resonates with the nightmare staff and so related to it maybe rechange the price to 1m to make it reachable by a quicker process also id like to see some ideas on the divine spiritshield
  9. Nice would be cool to also have added to make-over-mage a second button to customize your max cape into any colors you would want
  10. Yes that would be good since you have 99 skills and achievements and drops + bunch more stuff you want to keep in your account logs / also kdr, nonetheless wither its good or bad changing the name is a good thing you can add, on runescape i think you can change your name?
  11. Id be honored if I ever get in this team because its always doing their best in real life and still want to work, that young mindset and drive to want more and more is the key to become rich in the future, we have it as we are young. embrace this mentality and keep going upwards, climb mountain after mountain, why not? you're basically made for it, its your call, not for the lazies, if you look at it you would see these people are working 24 hours as in "we" and the mind wont rest till it get what it want, we glad to have some sleep to turn off the sound, and the rest is just work. by all means, Beasts irl and pro gamers, Keep the work up and the job done.
  12. Send me a message on discord : Chef#9286
  13. Hi everyone I decided to start doing skillcape services to anyone who is interested, as we all know skilling takes a bit of time to achieve a 99 in each skill, if you leveled up some skills and found it hard to max out, i'll continue it for you to have a nice account with max cape or even just 1 skill that you want 99. the rest of the information is in my discord DM's , How to pay & more you can put double xp scrolls into consideration to help speed the process and leave some extra pkp in the account incase needed all you need to do is trust me to log into your account and after this post the staff will know and keep track so no scams will happen, scamming accounts is the least thing I want. Payments have to be discussed on my discord Chef#9286 and must be paid infront
  14. Thoughts? Tesfxye paid, Gsltn#
  15. @Tesfxye Its made, how much would you rate it in pkp? The real one is behind, I will share it with you depending on your offer.
  16. Hi i'm doing text sale that can be used on anything, If you wish to have one you can easily apply for it and wait for my response, payment method is through the game only not taking visa or paypal or real money, just in game through pkp starting from 25k and +, if you dont have any idea dont worry leave that for me. just post what you want the text to be and if you are into halloween and scary events and parties you can post related to them and take ideas from, the text and the design. Good luck everyone I will respond within 24 hours, Make it interesting for me and let me design your forums profile as you wish to make it look special and stand out
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