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  1. Good job mrss king ur doing great atm, since u became a server support you always tried your best to help others. tempmute is a warning itself like Ahmash said
  2. better talent then @Sandalalrdy
  3. Gretar: Thanks for your service
  4. Super and extreme donator are tbh pretty close to each other of benefits with the price range but extreme has some very good perks which dont affect ingame gains benefit to much over regular donators or regular players is pretty nice made, but perks like 5 extra mage cape charges or free instant teleport to ::jad and ::skotizo is pretty nice and most other perks are just + most likely extra spaces in tradepost, more chance to receive emblems etc, So is extreme donator worth to use If you want to play roatz on a long term i would defo say its worth to use otherwise na i would keep it on super donator
  5. what hd this aint ps4, most of the og runescape players have played this game since like 2005+ i guess and Roatz is the only rsps atm thats up since 2011 which was before preoc, the only updates roatz need is Pvp updates or related like how skilling is added into the game or wilderness slayer.
  6. Exactly perfect, wheres admin loc mate
  7. Skp have a good value, they never can crash below 1 pkp ea 10 skp so thats good. Wilderness skilling is a good money making method even you can afk it while playing on a alternative account.
  8. I dont think roatz need any new customs. New valuable could be added as Sanguinesti staff Dragon hunter lance 3rd age druidic full set, 3rd age druidic staff 3rd age plateskirt,body and helm 3rd age pick axe and axe adding for skilling? Blade of Saeldor Cape of Skulls
  9. it's atm restoring real quick when you reach safezone it takes 30 seconds from 0 energy to 100 u can also buy stamina or spawn super energy. A nice idea for the box of health making it a command so it teleports you to it alot of new players asking for the location it would be easier if it was like ::med
  10. @negma @bank00 new server supports
  11. paramingo

    Hamito locc?

    na he quited
  12. #1 from the sand we born to the sand we return lplooooooool
  13. no makes that would make legit no sense boxing back more then 3 hits should the key holder get 1 hitted or his key drops out of his inventory. i got some suggestions for picking the key up since thats the most aids part, cuz people pre tb to avoid pickup warning. 1. 1 random person generated by the server if he is in 20 squares range of the key, hes able to pick the key 10 seconds early then the rest. The player who can pick it up earlier will be appear in his chatbox at the last 30 seconds of the key. 2. Remove the wilderness key icon and change it in a chest, same concept as the timer only when the timer hits 0, you can try to open the chest this will cost 50 pkp (lockpicks can be bought at shops to lower people their inventory spaces if they want to try more chances receiving the key) ea try and every try have a 5% (example can be less) chance of getting the wilderness key ( idea : how higher your thieving level will have a small adventage by opening this chest) @Ahmash @PK Guy @JAG E SV3NSK @Gretar @Daul Penino @Khalil @[email protected]
  14. Why bank00 got a nice personality aslong you threat him same u wanted to be threated he returns the same but thats with everyone right, and hes helping alot of the arabic players who dont understand English properly. Dont judge people if you dont know right
  15. @Handcuffs @palm shade @PROFFESER19 @king hoof m8 @OP SHACKO @ragb
  16. Na this should never be added into the game this is a pk server don't force people to skill in the weekends, understandable for double xp is out of vote's since better then the shitty vote point and box what u get where people vpn massive vote to make bank out of it, let it be usefull atleast like the 1h drop boost u get!
  17. why would u keep skilling in the skilling area if ur maxed out, there's legit no benefits reaching 99 since the osrs prizes already payed out? Out of agility skilling has legit no benefit maxing it out. The skillcapes shud do have some effect otherwise its pointless maxing out
  18. Simple suggestion; Let the Skiller Master @ ::skilling have teleports to each skill u want only inside the skilling area even tho for a small fee like 50 skilling points to teleport to the fishing area!
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