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  1. Bro you suggest things like u smoke crack irl
  2. finally u know how the forums works gretar took u only 10 days ehh yrs
  3. no makes no sense cuz all the items from slay shop are tradeable and can be bought from other players if you dont feel to grind you can buy it from somebody else and on the bhp store theres untradeables to buy
  4. they should bring the purple dildo back and put it in your ass for those weird suggestions
  5. good idea defo would increase the worth of skp also
  6. covid makes people to stupid makes guides like this
  7. it should be added to the minigame point shop the kilt is useless anyway most likely cosmetic with the stats from a iron platelegs and +1 str bonus
  8. Void + anguish + assembler is bis for max hit you can hit over 90s dark bow spec + dragon throwaxe you can stack a full hp with this combo , you cant hit this often on gear that has high defensive levels as melee barrows equipment such as dharoks. Dark bow is very effective to use against people in magic gear as mystics, ahrims or pures i bet you would barely hit 16s on those gear
  9. paramingo


    Good guide
  10. The average loot says also 350 pkp min loot is 100 pkp so dont expect to much lol
  11. Pvming is dead content besides wilderness bosses, corp, demonic gorillas and revs are decent rest is shit and useless to grind unless you grind for the pet. Buff zulrah and kraken drops and make a custom entrance in the wilderness
  12. who cares about skilling is always dead money on every rsps or on osrs lmao.
  13. - Slayer - Clue scrolls from pvming or pking - Revenants skulled helps with the droptable not sure tho if its unique's only - Corporeal Beast requires a decent set but getting a sigil is worth it - Events as bloodlust,jad,skotizo,hp event, star and daily tournaments are lottery based so you dont need the best in slot gear to win those type of events ofc it increases your chances the higher %. - Collect keys and open them at the huge deadmans chest - Daily's task gets you with vote bonus 780 points without claiming the streaks, the 3k daily points double drops scroll goes for a easy 50k Pkp in the tradepost also saw lately the xp scroll also goes around that amount which is only 2k daily points - Grinding achievments rewards
  14. Yes you got scammed lol, inquistor mace,blade or rapier are all used to have more odds in osrs duel arena to stake against a tentacle whip
  15. James cash first comment won sorted on yt from old to new
  16. Changing the rules in duel arena isn't a scam because you are agreeing with those rules you have a second interface screen where you can check if everything is correct without somebody can change this, you can also check their inventory and equipment screen in the second interface.
  17. Most RSPS'S out there come and go ive started roatz in 2014 been always active and never saw a loyal community like roatz the eco always stayed the same without a reset. Gretar is a good developer putting alot of nice content and being not greedy in Events that are hosted as Daily tournaments, Last man standing games or the big clan cup tournaments which bringing the best pkers around the runescape community for OSRS GP payouts. Also big shout out to the great staff team of roatz who putting alot of their time into the server.
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