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  1. B E N

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year guys~ hope you have an amazing year ahead
  2. title says all i dont want black phat or ween bruh
  3. B E N


    its soo addicting how you quit.
  4. thanks for the update big G
  5. B E N

    New sig

    yup looks DOPE gratz
  6. Keep up the good work :)
  7. http://prntscr.com/947l6e selling donor tick pm me ingame for offers if interested. Bump IGN is Teen 77
  8. B E N

    Selling tent

    comment your offers
  9. B E N

    Yoobs GFX

    Name: Ben Text:NoneFont (if a preferred one): RufaRender: none just want text.
  10. Nice guide and i just opened your youtube link and it says the video has been removed.
  11. B E N

    New here.

    ohh okay thanks. i just noticed. ^_^
  12. B E N

    Yoobs GFX

    Hey yoobs, If you find some spare do make one for me. Text- Ben Font - Rufa Colour - Cyan no Render wanted just text.
  13. how do you guys even make that sort of money :O
  14. woah those seem quite a challenge. Goodluck friend :)
  15. B E N

    New here.

    Thanks bro sure will what is your IGN tho? Thank you for clearing that up. :) Sure will do thank you.
  16. Nice. Quick qustion: does killing the same player more than one time lower his pkp or get you any benifit as in boosted pkp?
  17. B E N

    New here.

    Thank you so much. it helped :)
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