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  1. that is what makes roatpkz different
  2. can you stop that pyd?
  3. why not adding more wildy bosses to activate the wildy instead of making food worth pkp? there will be more fun tho.
  4. you tried to be funny and i appreciate it.
  5. i understand now.
  6. try to recover it again.
  7. desert ship


    Congratulations! you've advanced a silly jokes level. your silly jokes level is now 2.
  8. restart your client, that is what i usually do.
  9. the reason why it should require stats is to make the wildy alittle different, which means that it will limit pures from wearing em and give some value for fire cape ava ..
  10. ofc it should require stats lol.
  11. nice video it seems like you're making bank very fast. welcome to roatz
  12. xbrzh ia such a great eater, thats why he didn't die
  13. congratulations, you have killed your boss. hm is it now? 20-1 to iyas?
  14. i have another point of view, which is to add sire, abby dagger and bludgeon, gwd dungeon, zurlah,kraken,clue scrolls. and olm boss & raids can be worked on in few months
  15. desert ship

    Hi Hick

    thats my friend hickory do, i kno him very well.. hhhh
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