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  1. Requirements were fine before they were changed, 2 high quality vids a month for 3 months before you get the rank
  2. Stay hiding cuz all ur members are garbage btw imagine callin 4 a tber and all he sees is u getting fucked up so he scims right next 2 ports lmfaooo desperation
  3. by the time hed try use the gmaul im 60+hp cuz catch u ingame bro
  4. If you're gonna add pvp armour then make it so it lasts a certain amount of time in wild or certain amount of hits you use with it until it degrades e.g. every 500
  5. my guys the 3 shittest guys on my topic rn
  6. lmfao yo i fucked this guy up so bad hes in his dreams rn, none of u shit faggots could ever make me lose let alone kill me smh wake up also ur nigga got lured wdym multi pking? LMFAO
  7. Why Gg


    Weird guy lmfao fix up real shit its getting embarrassing
  8. 90% of clips from basically a day n its still clean my guy
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