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  1. who the fuck quits without going all in? go all in pussy or u playing on alt
  2. go all in pussy u still poor, btw good job i h8 tom dwan
  3. Untrazeur


    dude just go mod some money for your self. I got over like 200m.. and never got banned. I've played over 1 year
  4. Stop going balls deep up his ass, he still looks like a fat virgin. Go to the gym instead of exercising your rsps hybrid muscle memory.
  5. When is new client released? @Gretar
  6. i'd love to see that you fat little basemen virgin , you wouldn't knockout any1 in ur life ever
  7. stfu u roat pkz rsps nerds, you know nothing about fighting
  8. whats wrong with u , who would donate 1k to a rsps server... if i wass bill gates i wouldnt donate 1 $ to this server smh or any other rsps servers
  9. yes go spend time with your family instead of updating some rsps nerds on a forum no1 gives a shit
  10. N0 L0L, cuz pll have excessive sht... it would be fun to have a fresh start. then everyitem would we worth alot. luckily i didnt have any pkps on my banned acc, i staked my 850k
  11. Server should get cleaned out and resetted.. fresh start PL0X
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