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  1. cool video and welcome to roatpkz
  2. Sick video, sad to see the same ppl hating on forums its k tho
  3. one of the goats, first clip
  4. l00000000000000l are the voices talking to you again?
  5. if it's not broken don't fix it right? thx 4 sharing looks good man
  6. ? @Khalil Lmao was about 2 say ngl some of these need to happen semi decent topic ur still an idiot tho
  7. cool video, glad you are enjoying the server
  8. i5-9600k 3.7GHz Geforce GTX 1070TI Advanced Cerberus 16gb ram/ 144hz screen
  9. do you fit all the requirements? you can find them here
  10. whats summer- known pathological liar for the past 5 years nice video
  11. honestly im embarrassed for you, seems like u quit why can't you just move on lol ^ read above
  12. Guess you know why the server seems less toxic #don't feel safe playing with this criminal #bring alcatraz 2 roat
  13. l0000000l going to completely ignore that video? You created a team 'Nexus' I closed it mate # u are deflecting # y r u deflecting?
  14. Single key locations were implemented to encourage clan pking ? The potential new donor benefits/ pkt sink is the ability to recharge magic cape, price should be higher to combat people ragging and abusing tbing @ edge/ risk
  15. I closed your team you should be embarrassed talking to me lmao I put you on suicide watch last time you stepped out of edge with 2 cc members on
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