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gretar banned me for life?

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9 minutes ago, Killbob said:

THis is the best i can do but you wait for that edit comment

ur bum is moist 


5 minutes ago, k0ntv0cht said:

Nice to see u making vids agian mate

Get infernal cape 

thanks brother, and no can do i have 94 pkp next to my name 


1 minute ago, Umut said:

Nice B|

ty brother

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8 hours ago, Killbob said:

Capture.pnghow we dying to this



8 hours ago, Yoeriwada said:

Clip on me was poo poo. Rest of the vid was great.

hehe smile 4 the camera 


8 hours ago, Smoothie said:

Get rekt loyer

love u 

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10 hours ago, Tesfxye said:

Next time don’t ask lee for a song 

hahaha good one 


9 hours ago, Pyd said:

theres no way you chose this music because you like it. nobody likes that music 

i love xxxtentacion :)


5 hours ago, JBLIND said:


gang gang gang gang gang gang gang gang


1 hour ago, Ekaya04_ said:

Nice vid

ty dude!

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