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Guide for new Roatpkz players

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Welcome to my guide intended for people who have just joined roatpkz and are looking to get started. 

This might seem really bulky, but just know that following everything here will make your first day or two a lot easier.

  1. Firstly you should make sure your settings are set to your liking. 
    1. To set your F-keys, click the wrench tab, click the joystick (top right) and click the button with the label "F1". Right click to options to bind the key to your preferred tab. 
    2. Go into your quest tab (left of inventory), and click the wrench in the top right corner. Take a moment to explore these settings. I recommend changing the following.
      1. Vial Smashing: ON (this costs a small amount of PKP).
      2. Damage XP Drops: ON (this makes it so that your XP drops are actually the amount of damage you deal. If your hit deals 45 damage, you will receive an XP drop of 45.
      3. Count K/D in Duel: NO
      4. Couunt K/D in FunPK: NO
      5. Count K/D in Tournament: NO
    3. You can go to your skill tab and set your combat stats to your liking. If you would like to change all of them at once, click each of the skills one time in order (attack, then defence, then strength, etc.) then set the last one (magic) to what you would like all of your skills set to. 
  2. Now you want to figure out how the economy works. You can spawn most items, but items of any value can not be spawned. If you want to spawn something (or see what is spawnable) click the circle in the bottom right of your chatbox (example gif) and search the item you want to spawn. If it is not spawnable, it will be grayed out.
  3. Vote every day at https://roatpkz.com/vote/ - you will receive 1 vote ticket and 1 vote mystery box. I recommend selling both, rather than using.
  4. You can change your appearance using the make-over mage in edgeville bank.
  5. Now you can start making money! You have two options that I would recommend.
    1. The first option is pking, and I would recommend sticking to killing targets if you are building your bank. If you are able to acquire a tier 10 emblem through emblem upgrades from kills, you can exchange it for 5000 bounty hunter points, worth 5000 PKP. This is enough to buy an Armadyl godsword. 
    2. The second option is killing revenants. To get to revenants, use the command ::revs - once you are here go inside the cave and run northeast. These frequently drop bulk dragon items, which you can sell to Mazchna for a good profit. They also drop PVP armor. Once you receive a bracelet of ethereum drop, use revenant ether to charge it and equip it. This will prevent the revenants from damaging you, as long as it is charged. 
  6. Once you have enough money for an Armadyl Godsword (4k PKP street price, 5k PKP shop price) you should get into pking in edgeville. You will randomly receive keys as you kill your opponents, which you can open using the chest in the edgeville bank. 
    1. I highly recommend you participate in bounty hunter. For a detailed explanation, read the osrs wiki (please remember there are a few slight differences) http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Bounty_Hunter
      1. On Roatpkz, you can skip targets 7 times every 30 minutes. 
      2. You can not PJ your target while they are in a fight.
    2. Some tips for pking on Roatpkz
      1. You can recharge your special attack every so often (timer based on your donator rank) by right clicking the white altar at home and selecting the appropriate option.
      2. USE CUSTOM KITS. To set these up, go to the bottom right tab, click "Custom Kits" at the top, and get familiar with how it works.
      3. You can find people to risk fight at ::risk
  7. Once you've had some fun pking and built your bank a little you will want to start doing the wildernesses bosses. Every 30 minutes, either Jad or Skotizo will spawn somewhere in the wilderness. 
    1. Go to your quest tab, scroll down to the heading "Server Events" and you will see the information for Jad and Skotizo. It will also state how long until the next one spawns (or ALIVE if it is currently alive) and the wilderness level. If you click on the green text, you can see a map with their locations based on wilderness levels.
    2. I highly recommend using rune knives (p++) against both of these bosses. They are spawnable, and deal a lot of damage. If you can afford it, also bring void (you will not lose it regardless of wilderness level). Once you can afford it, upgrade the knives to a blowpipe - be careful not to get smited. 


Economy explanation 

The currency of the RoatPkz economy is PK Points aa49adf2033e940ac9f4951f7d83a9d3.png . There are several ways to acquire them.

  • Killing Players
  • Killing Bosses/Monsters
  • Selling items to Mazchna

Most items can be spawned. If you want to know whether a certain item can be spawn, use this gif (link) as an example. Most of the functional items that can not be spawned are sold by Mazchna, who can be found in several places around the server (he is the green canifis slayer master on osrs). 

If you would like to see the rest of the items that can not be spawned, but can also not by purchase from Mazchna, use the command ::prices in-game.


I will keep updating this as I think of more to add.

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3 minutes ago, 90s pker said:

So this is what you were doing whilst you had your mic muted on discord, looks great so far.


Na this only took about 15 minutes, was doing stuff irl.

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36 minutes ago, Mike said:

Great guide but wasn't necessary



Part of my motivation for this was making a guide that would be easy for my clan to use as they transition over to the server.

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16 minutes ago, turtle prod said:

Awful guide no pictures even worse player.

Take your negativity back to the gas chambers Jew man!!!!

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