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Fuck the racism

Cold Steel

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What’s up with the Racism on this server now days? Back when I first started it was a nice friendly but competitive server , now days mfs run around calling people racist names and even have racist inappropriate names. Like this guys name is literally “Coon Killer” . If Kevin aka Ignorance was around still that shit would’ve been shut down. I’m not saying I’m against flaming or going off on people because I’ve had my fair share of mutes. But the racism is over the top and it could effect the younger people playing, imagine a kid seeing people on server just using terms all over and putting down other races and then goes to school and try’s and gets that ass handed to them because they thought it was okay , because they thought these people probably use this language on a daily basis when really it’s only behind a screen . Stop the racism . Flaming is chill because it is hype in competitive game play and gambling always brings dopamine’s up, but just chill on calling people N****R and other fucked up names. 

- Cold Steel , Malcolm X of server 

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Racist usernames can't be fixed until we have name changes. It would be unfair to not let someone play their account they've had for years because of their username which was allowed at the time. Once Roat can offer name change scrolls there should be a ban on certain words in usernames.


If you believe someone is breaking a rule and staff haven't punished them, report them on forums or in a discord ticket.


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