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    Ayy Man was thinking would it be possible to make tourney rotation a little different or something like that. This because of the timezone difference, i believe many ppl might have this same problem. So because of the tourney times i am only able to join the earlier tourneys at weekends, so im pissed that i only can participate in f2p and dharok tourneys, always the same tourneys. Any other pussies also pissed because of this? This just a suggestion so dont get mad. #brrr
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    http://prntscr.com/fvum9c he claimed i had 0 kills on him and i told him it was on other laptop finally got time to get into the laptop here proof @F3 Please
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    That'd be fun yh, but dw will be in newclient!!!!!!!
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    I will legit delete your account of the forums you dumb foreign faggot I legit don't give a fuck stop spamming shit about me. Now i'm gonna enjoy my vacation in peace piss off child.
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    yo im in a hurry To eat that curry flavoured mcflurry
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    So will your SS Rank
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