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  1. Truly sickening! Thank you!
  2. Fantastic


    Why was this under ‘Guides’? Lol. /Moved.
  3. Very nice guide, mate. Thank you for this.
  4. Nice video. Fairly decent loot. Droptable buffs are quite visible lol.
  6. Very nice video mate! You should use Sanfew serums instead of Super restores. They remove poison as well.
  7. I'll sell you one if you pay a juicy amount. I don't really sell GFX anymore since I'm decently rich, but if you pay good, I'll make one. Some of my previous work can be found here; Would also recommend checking out Vos' work!
  8. Premade bank will be added. Not sure about barraging tasks. Feel like it’d be too OP. Support for rest.
  9. 1. Sure. I don’t see any problem with it. 2. We have a decant crate already at ::repair. There’s no need to decant spawnable potions, since you can spawn them lol. 3. Just use ::empty ? 4. No need for a bank pin. We already have account pincodes, ::setemail. If people refuse to secure their account with an email, it’s their own fault.
  10. Ear rape intro! Sickening video indeed brother!!
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