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  1. lots of fuck niggas playing this shit

  2. If you're being keylogged or if you downloaded a RAT, the command "netstat -an" in CMD will show you a list of IPs and ports that are connected to your computer. Your hacker's IP if he isn't using a VPN will be in this list of IPS and opened ports on your command prompt. You could still find his VPN IP though if he has a VPN on. Google more about it, don't really feel like explaining everything here. I recommend you discuss these kinds of things on a hacking-related forums though.
  3. I agree u changed my life with this one..
  4. Sure why not? would save people some time i bet
  5. Awesome vid brother, keep it up
  6. Dope vid bro, I appreciate the giveaway as well
  7. pls be fucking joking. r u ok?
  8. Imagine taking all these pics to just end up looking like a dumbass
  9. You realize it says... "Jorden" right? Not "Jordan"...?
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