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  1. Revs cave

    Clue Scroll Guide

    That mean if i dont skill my scroll isnt worth anything ???
  2. You just hit a 88 claws spec on statuis armour
  3. Tulrak hours here more than mine irl job
  4. Sad ppl thinking gretar is reading suggestions
  5. The only one good thing ragbot did in his life is banned you fucking rsps ahkers
  6. Every one got himself multi cc and all of them is the best one and givingaway
  7. Are you seriosly everything u need in the cave is multi so multibots (99% of rpkz players) can frez you easy asfk in multi anytime and gl tank them for getting singles i think extreme and legen should be singles all the area only add more npcs but also i sure no one care for any sugg even its true 100% 700k for rank isnt even usefull as like this
  8. Dont try to embrassing tesfxye he is best in game
  9. Now i can understand why is xdave and freinds camp dzone cave ty rg
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