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  1. Only pussies pretb emos.
  2. Imagine not being able to eat when u want to
  3. just putting this here. zzzzzz http://prntscr.com/kro80s
  4. it was multi national and multi lingual real union cosisting of the kingdom of denmark/norway "used to own norway" r0fl men plz.
  5. fucking cunt just said "sweden/denmark" but not norway wow fuckin racist?
  6. so ur taking away 8500 hits of the tentancle and makes it 2k cheaper? stupid af, put it back to 10k and have the price like it was lol 200k 07 = 1k roat.
  7. i work 5 weeks on sea then i got 5 weeks free now stop nappermen l0l0l @Smackd can confirm
  8. bet ur father is using a condom next time.
  9. what is this lmao gets server support and post some1 trading him 100k ???????
  10. "HUGE GIVEAWAY" 2 ags! some1 pull the trigger.
  11. fix it so we can just search for random spawnables in the bank that isn't really in the bank so we don't have to spawn them. that would be dope
  12. always. ye my g ye rebuilding is easy when theres plankers ty man
  13. been talking sht for days now and told me to come risk him max. took me 2 fights.
  14. underage women are the best they don't know how to dial the number for the police.
  15. or u just put a preset kit in hybrid tournaments with 6 switches 2-3 brews nd rest anglers.
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