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  1. Nice to see someone not afraid to put themselves out there and nice gains
  2. Lol at the song, but other then that nice pks mate and some very nice xp drops
  3. Mate it's good for a short vid and got some nice loots too
  4. I'm not sure people want my dds buffed though, I was told it was op
  5. 10/10 for sig. Very nice
  6. Just something simple but maybe add spec to the vesta spear. Right now the vesta spear is a great weapon, but not many people use it because it has no spec so many people resort to the vls and would like to see v spear use more often
  7. A little late on this but better then none I guess gratz man
  8. i like that coding skills right there now that's a good joke
  9. They have hour long videos of this and it's not bad at all
  10. In-game name: Killbob Kdr: 0.43175 How long you been playing server: Years don't remember how long exactly What pking style are you good at:[main,brid,tribrid,nh,purenh]: I can die a lot. Are you active: Usually on everyday
  11. Killbob


    This never really bothered me, but I know a few people that hate it and could y'all fix that when on death and you're venged that the vengeance actually hits the person instead of going away on death and just a little thing could you remove the pkers cape from the pkp shop and replace it with anything maybe re add sol or easter eggs
  12. Look at that time on your computer, go to bed son
  13. What if I removed my f3 key? and I am on a touchpad
  14. I'm not sh, but I am wondering where your rocktail are.
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