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  1. Weeb character as prof pic and mythical creature as forums sig?
  2. Killbob

    my new toy

    Very nice, best of luck mate
  3. Killbob

    my new toy

    ik you tried to black out the plate in the first pic but we can still see, still a nice car. Any plans to tune it up or body kits?
  4. Killbob

    killbob IRL!!!!!

    brooter I thought we were friends? you know Amigos? jjajaja
  5. or you can stake? But tbh pre good guide however some people might find it hard since a lot of it is controlled by clans who actively go there often
  6. I believe you still have my ags
  7. you still have my ags :l
  8. Why not everyone above this is a fucking narb
  9. where's my boy @3AT 99 ALL??? @Gretar @ml gudi
  10. Killbob

    ok so it means war

    who hurt my man gied?
  11. Killbob

    an Anime suggestion

    can confirm this is true, @Xex great vid!
  12. It's from the me!me!me! music video, got this info from a friend
  13. So what you're saying is your only chance vs Smackd is in multi?
  14. Killbob


    yOu gOOd B?
  15. Always see this man trying to flex his pkp but if he keeps planking like this it wont last 1 week
  16. Killbob


    FUCKING WEEB hey bro still need that bond ? was actually funny
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