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  1. that was not funny at all . . .
  2. well or will u make it hard for me to understand bcus im arabic hhhh
  3. actually, thats so stupid lol... untradeables shouldnt be that much, otherwise u add another way to obtain them, 500 for fire cape? ight, i can vpn for 2 vticks and thats it ☺. i agree with claws, no longer with mage book, u can do it 200 or so, 1,500 is a stat set... in my point of view, increasing untradeables wontaffect the ecenomy, statius/morrigans/zurlies are the items that need to be increased... even bandos set. remove tent occult from vote shop and add them to pkp shop for reasonable prices. even more important, increase the pkp for ea kill or add a system that gives u X amount of pkp after killing a npc. at the end of the day, those prices will split the server into to kinds of people, overpowered or fkin spawnable pker lol. i disagree.
  4. pyd regrets the day he met you in combat.
  5. it can be extremely painful as a staff member to deal with all the players (especially arabs smh). how toxic you can be? so fuckin racist. you did a great job being a staff memeber, on the other hand, you were the most toxic staff member toward arabs, your topic would be x100 better if you did not mention the word "arabs" since it attracted my attention, stop downgrading people.
  6. uhhh-um, lost your bank to riad321 alrdy?
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