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Travis PKZ


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i smited claws, someone told me they were 5k, i sold for 5.5k, this is unfair and server is full of scammers, my bank is worth 6k... please help me, i want my claws back :'(

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#5b Item Scamming
Scamming & Hacking. Scamming other players on Roat Pkz is not allowed. This does not include the likes of switching items in trade screens and switching rules whilst at the Duel Arena. But things like 'doubling pkp', luring or stealing items (trust trades, etc) is not allowed. In almost all cases you will not be refunded, however the player who scammed you will be punished. Punishments will range from black marks, account bans, and in some cases permanent account bans.

Feel free to submit a report against the player who scammed you.




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