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    I'm sorry @Visored https://gyazo.com/8acb8dbfa05b321bc2c83cba46f95cdd
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    doesn't ur dad beat u with his prosthetic leg lol
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    imagine this retard posting duel pictures now l0l i thought those dh killpics were your absolute low, guess not
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    There it is guys, that's my OSRS bank. I don't have a bond or anything, so I'm stuck in f2p, and all... So yeah. Miss me with that pay to play shit. Thanks for looking at my bank progress. I have a lot of rope btw @Killbob. If you'd like to support me on osrs message me on the forums or on roat in-game.
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    Pm me credit card info I can help u out
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    Nothing was aimed at you - just for reference! Sorry man <3
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    Thanks bruh, I don't really play much now, I been on OSRS lol
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    This is what happens when you give someone who clearly wouldn't be capable of dealing with the responsibility of keeping a pet hamster alive, a staff rank on a Runescape server with hundreds of players. I don't know what you're trying to achieve Gretar but having a staff member committing what I'm pretty sure is an infringement of the law by threatening to take advantage of access to personal information, "dox" as he put it, isn't going going to put the server in any upwards direction and it's going to kill the server at an increased rate to what it already is. On a less formal note, stop promoting spastics and get some real staff.
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