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  1. Ya support. Use it as a donator benefit, 250 sp charge for non donars then goes down to 50 for supers and free for extreme?
  2. Bruh im doing fucking terrible, hbu?
  3. Damn I still don't have a squirrel Gz tho, and GL
  4. as someone who has already gotten 89 agility I don't like double xp every weekend, but 2x xp for an hour upon voting, then sure
  5. Cool, now give your staff some forum power
  6. Is Gretar the only one writing code?
  7. How is it being kept track of who finishes each skill first?
  8. First off, if any of you get the chance to kill him, I absolutely recommend it as he will lose his fucking mind for no reason at all. I said ty when he died cus I knew it was gonna be funny He said I cant kill him 1v1 so I just searched his name and this is what I found I believe he called me more of the same cus im bad for using a g maul i guess gg not well played, much easy
  9. Are their time zones listed anywhere?
  10. Quick & simple, if your target Blacklists you, then it should automatically skip you as their target and they should lose a skip. Ight thats it pce
  11. Ive seem some dumb suggestions in my day but my god this is in the top 3 for sure
  12. Hmm okay makes sense. My IGN is "I Pwn Noobs" Would you be able to check what the blackmark was for (assuming you have a web panel) Also do marks ever expire?
  13. Is there any way to see what/when you got a blackmark for? Only reason I ask is because I have one and I legitimately think its from 4+ years ago. Thanks
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